QUB Library: Hood McGowan KirkHood McGowan Kirk recognises that it has a role to play in environmental protection and our policy aims to reduce the effect of our direct and indirect activities on the environment whilst complying with environmental legislation.

We encourage our clients and contractors to use environmentally responsible materials and to consider the functionality of the design with regard to the environment and also to adopt sustainable development principles where possible. To assist in this process we provide total life costs to enable the client to appreciate the total cost of their option rather than initial capital cost.

Hood McGowan Kirk have been recognised locally and nationally for their contribution to sustainable design.


QUB Library Interior: Hood McGowan KirkQUB – New Library

Hood McGowan Kirk were awarded the 2010 RICS Sustainability Award (Regional) and 2010 RICS Sustainability Award (National)

These awards recognise projects that demonstrate an efficient use of resources and which provide a sustainable environment meeting the needs of people now, without compromising the needs of future generations.

This project was described by the RICS Awards committee as…

"A distinct winner of the sustainability category, the library’s building and maintenance services and details have been comprehensively considered and implemented. The library’s range of energy efficient features places it firmly to the fore of sustainable projects."


Reading Room at QUB Library: Hood McGowan KirkStranmillis College - Orchard Development

Hood McGowan Kirk were awarded 2008 RICS NI Sustainability Award for Excellence in the Built Environment

This development was also awarded the Wood NI Award, a commendation in the prestigious Royal Society of Ulster Architects Design awards and the first ever Sustainable Planning Award organised by the Royal Town Planning Institute and the RSPB.


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